2018 Swimming Pool Update

Does your client have pool?  Are they aware of the new pool safety inspection requirements that went into effect in January, 2018?  If not, here’s some information that you can share with them.  The Swimming Pool Safety Act (SB-442) now requires homeowners to have at least two safety features to secure their pools, and it will change the way I report these items in my home inspection report.  To learn more, I’ve found two good resources.

Here’s a general overview story of what the law is trying to accomplish, which includes a full list of the seven safety features.  It’s easy to read, and good to share with your clients.  For more detail, you can review the California Pool and Spa Association FAQ’s.  Now that you’re more familiar with law, here’s how it changes  what I’m looking for.  In short, SB-442 requires the home inspector to:

1.  Identify which, if any, of seven specific drowning prevention safety features are present. Those safety features are defined in section 115922 of the Health & Safety Code.

2.  Specifically state if the pool or spa has fewer than two of the listed drowning prevention safety features.

It’s also important to remember that this applies to private pools and spas even if they’re within a gated community.  If you have any questions about SB442, or other home inspections topics, please give me a call.